SQL Server Mastery

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This outstanding Microsoft SQL Server Training Course is exclusively designed for aspiring Data Analysts, Business Data Analysts, BI Developers, Reporting Developers, and SQL Developers.
This course includes SQL Basics, Database Design, Normal Forms, T-SQL Queries, Merge, Group By, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Complex Joins, Common Table Expressions (CTE), Indexes, and more .. !
100% Practical, Step by Step with assignments, weekly case studies and the installation of SQL Server Management Studio.



  • What is SQL?
    • Different SQL flavors
  • Database design concepts
    • Referential Integrity
    • Normalizing Data
    • Horizontal Data vs Vertical Data
  • Intro to SQL Server
    • Showing SQL Databases in SSMS
  • Create Databases using SQL Server
  • Create tables (Data types, and constraints)
  • DML (Data Manipulation Language)
    • Insert values.
    • Update values.
    • Delete values.
  • What is an index (Type of indexes)
  • SQL Queries
    • Basic Queries
    • Queries with conditions
    • Queries with aggregated functions to create groups.
    • Sub-Queries
    • Queries using Temp Tables
    • CTE (Common Type Expressions)
  • SQL Views
    • Create Views
    • Edit Views
    • Delete Views
  • SQL Stored Procedures
    • Create Stored Procedures
    • Edit Stored Procedures
    • Delete Stored Procedures
  • SQL Functions
    • Example of getting previous month last date.
    • Example of getting first and last days of previous 12 months
    • Other examples.
  • What is a Trigger?
    • Different types of triggers.

Every topic will be done with real world use cases, using databases that allow you to see how the real work is in a role related to data management. Knowing SQL you will be able to work as a Business Data Analyst, Data Analyst, SQL Developer, Report Developer, BI Developer, and much more.

Price: $749.00
Offer for Enrollments this Month: $549

Duration: 20 hours

Available Schedules:

  • Saturdays 9am – 1pm (5 sessions)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30pm – 9pm (8 sessions)